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Article of the Week

Article of the Week

Each week we will be focussing on a specific Article taken from the 'United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child' (a copy of the Articles has been attached for you to read - 'Universal Rights of the Child'). Remember that the each Article is the right of every child all around the world. Please spend time as a family to complete some of the activities and learn more about them. Each week the Article will be attached in the 'files to download' section below.


27.4.20 - Article 24 (Health and Health Care)

4.5.20 - Article 12 (Respect for the Views of the Child)

11.5.20 - Article 7 (Birth Registration, Name, Nationality and Care)

18.5.20 - Article 14 (Freedom of thought, belief and religion)

1.6.20 - Article 28 (Right to an education)

8.6.20 - Article 15 (Freedom of Association)

15.6.20 - Article 19 (protection from violence, abuse and neglect)

22.6.20 - Article 42 (knowledge of rights)

29.6.20 - Article 2 (non-discrimination)

6.7.20 - Article 30 (Minority or indigenous groups, culture, language and religion)

13.7.20 - Article 23 (disability)