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Year 3/4

Welcome to the information page for Year1/2 mixed class. Here you will find some key information to support your child with the learning. The documents below include a list of words that your children should be able to recall, by the end of year 4. You can also find the long-term planning for year 3 and year 4; as this is a mixed-age class, we have two cycles to ensure the LKS2 national curriculum is fully met, to ensure your child is ready for their next phase of learning. 

At the end of year 4, your child will complete a mutliplciation times table check. To find out more information about this, you can click the following link To support your child with timestables, please encourage them to access Times Tables Rock Stars and Freckle at home. If you need more information about these sites, please ask your child's class teacher. 


Page Downloads Date  
SpellingWordList Y3 4 20th Jul 2023 Download
Year 3 and 4 cycle A LTP 09th Jan 2024 Download