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Exam & Key Stage Results

2018/2019 Attainment of the expected standard or above 

Subject School (24 Pupils) National
Reading 58% 73%
Writing 54% 78%
Mathematics 71% 79%
English grammar, punctuation and spelling  67% 78%
Combined reading, writing and mathematics  54% 65%  

2018/2019 Progress (where 0 is the national average) 

Subject Progress
Reading 0.11
Writing 0.16
Mathematics 0.02  

Progress is measured from KS1 results to the end of KS2 results. Children are compared with other children nationally from the same starting point academically. 

2018/2019 Average scaled score 

Children’s raw scores in the tests were converted to a scaled score, where 100 is the expected standard. 

Subject School National
Reading 100 104
Mathematics 102 105
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 103 106  

DfE School Performance Table