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Plastic Free School Award

Plastic Free School Award


Since January 2019 Daven Primary School have been on a journey to reduce, re-use and recycle the plastic use in our school. In particular we looked at single use plastic and the contribution it makes to Plastic pollution particularly on our beaches and in the oceans (linked to Global Goal 14 Life below water). We were inspired and outraged by what we saw in Sir David Attenboroughs' Blue Planet programme and have chosen to use our voices to change our world.

The evidence of our journey has been recorded in our floorbook 'Daven - Plastic Free' and includes:

Class Pledges - Each class identified the ways in which plastic was used in their classroom and pledged a number of things they would change.

School Pledge - our Article 12 Squad took the lead in identifying the ways in which plastic was being used around the school and chose a number of things they particularly wanted to change.

Family Pledge - our pupils and their families looked at the way plastic was being used at home and identified ways they could change e.g. use metal straws and rubbish that could be put in their recylce bins.

Changes in the community - our pupils wrote to a number of businesses stating their concern about plastic pollution and asked what was being done about it. They received responses from Aldi, Canals and Rivers, Comic Relief and our Prime Minister.

In January we chose to take on the challenge of achieving the award of 'Plastic Free Schools' (it does not mean that we will be completely plastic free but that we are reducing our single use plastic).  It involves accomplishing 5 objectives:

1. Form an Action Group to lead the school (our Article 12 Squad) ACHIEVED 20.1.20

2. Our Article 12 Squad led a 'Trash Mob' to collect litter from around our playground to identify the plastic pollution. ACHIEVED 10.2.20

3. To raise concerns about plastic pollution with our MP (we wrote to the Prime Minister)  ACHIEVED 26.2.20

4. To raise our concerns about plastic pollution with businesses (we wrote to Aldi, Comic Relief, Canals and Rivers) ACHIEVED 26.2.20

EXCITING NEWS - Comic Relief will no longer sell plastic noses instead they will now be biodegradable. The children's voices have been a heard and a change has been made. 

Objective 5 is yet to be completed!!!