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Year 1

Snow day - 19th January 2023 

I hope you are enjoying the snow today and are having fun making snowmen. If you want to keep busy today, below are some tasks you can have a go at: 



Draw a picture of what you can see outside your window and write a sentence about what you can see. 

Remember: Use a capital letter, finger spaces, and a full stop. 

Challenge: Can you write some questions about the snow? Remember to use a question mark at the end. 


I can see white snow covering the ground. 

I can see children building a giant snowman with their families. 

Why does it snow? Why is the snow white? 


Watch this phonics lesson on the sound - ow blow the snow

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Phonics 'ow' sound (complete RWI Phonics lesson) - YouTube

Enjoy reading your book bag books at home. Here are some online books you can read at home:


Practice your doubles using snowballs. Can you make the following doubles using snowballs?

Double 1 

Double 2 

Double 3

Double 4

Double 5

Challenge: Can you make doubles for bigger numbers? Double 6, double 7 etc. 


As we have been learning about the North Pole (Arctic) and South Pole (Antarctic), can you draw pictures of animals that will like to be or live in the snow?


Enjoy the snow! 

Spring Term 1

Welcome back to school and hello to 2023! I hope you all had a great Christmas with your families. 

Our topics this term

Maths – This term we will be looking at Numbers to 20, addition and subtraction within 20 and starting a unit on numbers to 50.

English – Our main book for this term is ‘Hermelin the detective mouse’ which is about a mouse who helps solve the Offley Street’s mysteries and when he is asked to come forward the residents discover that he is a mouse. We will be looking at using conjunctions, noun phrases, question marks, and we will be writing our own version of the book.


Science – Our main topic in Science this term is animals including humans. We will also be continuing to observe the changes in seasons by observing and describing the weather and how the day length changes. We will be focusing on exploring Winter.

 Geography - We will be looking at hot and cold areas across the world and exploring the question ‘Why can’t a meerkat live in the North Pole?’

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 Art – In Art, we will be exploring line and pattern through the work of Paul Klee and his concept of taking a line for a walk. We will also be exploring hot and cold colours linked to our Geography topic above.

Computing – In computing on Purple Mash, we are going to be maze explorers and animate story books.

Music – We will be developing our listening skills and explore sounds through percussion instruments.

Jigsaw – Our topics in Jigsaw this term will be ‘Dreams and Goals’ where we will be sharing our successes, setting goals and how we can achieve them, learn how to work well with a partner, tackle a new challenge and discuss obstacles we might face when trying to achieve a goal.

RE – We will be exploring the question ‘How do people decide what is right and wrong?’. We will be exploring choices that are right and wrong, exploring whether lying is good or not and deciding whether something is a good lie (to save people’s feeling getting hurt or a surprise) or a bad lie.

Spanish – We will be looking at animal songs and rhymes - learning incey wincey spider, learn a traditional rhyme, join in with traditional children’s song, name some animals and learn a carnival counting rhyme.


Key information 

PE - PE is Monday and Thursday, so children must come to school in their PE kit. 

Snack - Milk has gone up to 30p and toast is still 20p. If your children would like milk and toast, please bring in 50p in a named envelope. 

Homework - Children will be sent home with new spelling homework on Fridays and they will have their reading book changed. When they have read 5 times, then they move up the reading rainbow. When they reach gold, they will recieve a special reading rainbow prize (a rainbow shaped poppet). 

Children can also access TT rockstars and NumBots at home. All logins are in their reading records.