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At Daven Primary School we believe that every child has the right to learn to read and our aim is for them to also develop a love of reading too. We promote enjoyment through the creative use of high quality texts and a range of engaging activities. Teachers aim to be reading role models in the way that they discuss and promote books as well as modelling reading for pleasure. They make careful selections both in the texts that they choose to use in the teaching of English and in those that they read aloud to pupils; ensuring they are high quality. Children are read aloud to daily, allowing them to encounter more demanding texts in a safe environment but also to aid their vocabulary growth. To support this vocabulary growth, pupils will discover vocabulary within lessons, using learned strategies to explore and understand words used within a text.

In the early stages of reading, children's phonics knowledge is systematically developed in a fun, multi-sensory approach through our daily phonics sessions that follow the Read Write Inc programme. 

Throughout the school, children have access to a wide range of books that follow the Read Write Inc programme and the Accelerated Reader programme. Books are grouped by their level of difficulty and children choose from an appropriate selection that matches their assessed level.

The Accelerated Reader programme ensures that each child is adequately supported and challenged at their appropriate level and allows them to access a wide range of genres and themes of books, exposing them to various authors and writing styles. The Accelerated Reader system enables staff to easily track and celebrate children's progress and success.

For more information on how we teach and assess Reading at Daven, take a look at the Reading Policy.


How we celebrate reading success at Daven:



Thursday 11th February 2021: Free Parent and Carers Webinar 

This first session aims to help you: 

  • develop a love of reading with your child 
  • listen and respond to your child as a reader 
  • support positive interactions around books  
  • encourage conversations about books 

3pm-4pm 8?pwd=V3VVQVdPdG5wVTNyT 3d3SmhieW5vQT09
Meeting ID: 914 7888 3218
Passcode: 777418


7pm-8pm (Repeated) 3?pwd=Tk16Q0IrQk5sSVN0YUN 2MEdpVmVLdz09 
Meeting ID: 974 4236 7663
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Reading policy Spring 2021 08th Feb 2021 Download