Year 4 Home Learning

Lesson: Learning Outside the Classroom

Class: Year 4 Year: 2019 - 2020

JT Busy in the garden, having fun at the park and doing home schooling.    JT Sharing his joke book!    JT Enjoying plants n puddles!   JT Stone Age Britain project   MDW Hard at work!   MDW Pebblefest!  KB Alton Tower's Gardens JT Planting spuds!   JT Caught reading!    JT Handy at painting!      JT Surface tension experiment!   MDW Making Pizza - yum!!  JS Resuced and looking after a baby Magpie!    JT Fun in the sun!    JT Hard at work!    JT Egypt    JS Sledging    JS Pebble painting    JS House building!    JS Crafts    MC Bitesize Science   MC Grammar activity    MDW Half-term Fun!  JT Superhero!    MC Artwork    JT Artwork    JT Maths    JO Superhero  MC Drawing with Rob   MW Artwork    KB Chained Oak Tree Walk    MDW Chocolate Crunch  MDW Maths    JT Winston Project    JT Spellings    JT Code breaking    MW Memorial Pic    MC Today's Grammar    JS 'Happy Birthday!'    JS Rock Climbing    JS Fractions    JS Wood craft    JS Cake Baking    MDW Grammar Activity   KB YV At Home   MC Camping!    MC Baking    MDW Maedal     MDW Pebble Collection    JT VE Day Project    JT Science    JT Painting    JT Maths    JO VE Day Bunting    JO Morse Code    MC Creative Writing     MDW VE Day Flag    MW VE Day Poster    KW x-Tables   KB Covid Project         MW Stone Age Song   MDW Rock Finding      MDW Tadpoles!     MDW Multiplications     LV Painting    MW Mars Fact File   JS Rock Painting Craft 'Solar System'   JS Art & Craft  JS Baking  JS Busy Bee!  JS Compass  JS Geography JS Handwriting & Spelling  JS Hard at Work  JS Map Making  JS Maths Problems  JS Maths  JS Roman Shield  JT Garden School  JT Multiplications  JT Writing  JT Working Hard  MC Art Work  MC Computer Work  MC Home Working  MC Scientist Factfile  MDW Roman Shield  MDW NHS 'Thanks' Rainbow