Sports Funding

Sports Premium

Sports Premium funding 2018/2019

  • Income £17,360

Sports Premium funding 2019/2020

  • Income £15,510
  • Expenditure to date £11,729 on sports CPD coaching, £6,629.20 on swimming.


Sportscape staff run several after school clubs, allowing children to access sporting activity in extracurricular time.  The clubs focus on ‘multi sports’ to allow all involved to access a range of sports to develop a life-long love of a sport.  This has proven extremely popular for both KS1 and KS2 with numbers increasing year on year.

Sports funding has also been heavily used for swimming lessons so every child has the opportunity to become water confident.  This opportunity has been provided for the whole of Key Stage 2.

Plan (post Covid-19):

To continue the use is Sportscape for extracurricular activities with the intention of extending to some specialist football coaching which will allow us to participate in matches across the local community.

Continue swimming lessons for Key Stage 2.  Year 3 for the whole year, Years 4, 5 and 6 for a term each with the intention of having an extra swimming teacher (higher packages available) to support extra groups.

Detailed audit of PE equipment/ resources to be carried out.

All of this to be considered after the effects of Covid-19.