Sports Funding

Daven Primary School - Sports premium funding 2017/2018


Income-  £17,214.00


Grounds improvements                               £12,495.00

Educational equipment                 £1,632.00

Professional services                      £3,160.00

Total                                                      £17,287.00               £-73.00


Ground Improvements -£12,495-

Impact All-weather track to aid use of field for Fit Friday. To increase physical activity of children and to engage them in sporting activity. The track is completed and has been used on numerous occasions throughout the summer term and at the start of this year. We have planned weekly sessions to use the track so will be using it throughout the year this year. Sportscape (PE provider) use the track within their lessons on a regular basis.


Educational equipment- £1,632.00-

Playground equipment- £696.82, Sports kit £655.29, PE equipment £279.89

Impact Playground equipment- Children to be engaged in sporting/ physical activities during break times, children use this equipment on a daily basis.

Sports kit- When representing the school children and staff wear sports equipment to represent the school. Newer smarter uniforms help team cohesion and pride in representing the school.

PE equipment- Allowing us to teach a range of different activities to the children that they would not experience in normal PE lessons. Equipment has been purchased for Lacrosse, netball, rugby, football, and athletics. The equipment is also similar to that used in the events at Town Sports, this allows us to practice using similar equipment allowing us to have a better chance of competing against the other schools in our cluster.


Professional services- £3,160.00

Sportscape staff to run after school clubs, allowing children to access sporting activity after school in extracurricular time. The clubs focussed on multisports so allowed children to access a range of sports to hopefully develop a love of one sport and increase their engagement. Number of children accessing this was between 10-15 children each week for both ks1 and ks2. This year already engagement has increased, KS1 club has 28 and KS2 30.


Spots funding this year is being used for swimming lessons, professional staff and will be used to increase activity in sports and physical engagement within the school.