#SID16 has arrived!



Today in school we have been focussing on Safer Internet Day.  Our Safe Around School (SAS) Squad led an assembly and all classes have been involved in class based activities around the theme of ‘Play your part for a safer internet’.

Did you know that there is a You Tube site especially for children?  All of the content is highly filtered and suitable for viewing by under 13s.  It can be found at:



Our SAS squad recently learnt that there is a website that helps us to understand the rating of games and social media sites / apps that we use on line.  For example Minecraft is rated as suitable for 7 year olds and above, however according to this website, if you play it online its rating goes up to 13+.  It gives reasons for the ratings and allows parents to make informed choices about whether their children should play online.  It can be found at:



Finally, did you know that it would take a hacker only 3 days to hack a password made up of 10 random numbers and letters?  However, if your password is a combination of 4 random words combined into one it would take 550 years!

Eg. schooldogbenjigolden