Year 2 2019 - 2020

Miss Kellet

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 Work During School Closures


BBC Bitesize are offering free daily lessons:


Free taster resources for parents:


- At the bottom on the page, under 'Files to Download', I have added a time capsule activity booklet should you wish to complete this with your child. 


- Daven Primary School is a 'Rights Respecting School'. Each week we will be focussing on an 'Article of the Week'. This week is Article 28 which states: Every Child has the right to an education.

Under the files to download section at the bottom of this page, there is an 'Article of the Week' file which contains a variety of activities that you can do together at home. I have also attached the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which lists all the articles in child friendly language.


- If you have twitter, follow the hashtags #ScienceFromHome and #GlobalSciShow to see free sceince activities you can do at home.


- Get involved with the Great Science Share at


- FREE National Space Centre Show! 


- If you want to take part in the Great Bug Hunt 2020, here is the link


- The Natural History Museum have lots of ideas of activites to do at home related to dinosaurs, crafts and nature


Well done to all of you who participated in the Guinness World Record for the Biggest Art lesson delivered by Rob Biddulph. He has announced that the World Record has been broken!!! He needed at least 10,000 people to attend for the full 30 minutes and 45,611 people participated. As well as this, the art lesson raised over £50,000 in donations to fight COVID-19. Here is hsi announcment and you can donwload a certificate to print if you participated here:


5th June 9.30am NSPCC Virtual Assembly on their Facebook page!





Choose one of the following:

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, is doing daily (Monday – Friday) live PE lessons on his YouTube channel at 9am.


Cosmic Kids Yoga



Please note that the RWI daily online phonics has been updated and improved:

YOUTUBE SPEED SOUNDS LESSON SCHEDULE 1st June – 17th July Information 

All films will be released at 9.30am from Monday to Friday. Each film is approximately ten to fifteen minutes long and will be available on YouTube for 24 hours. 

Set 1, 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will restart on 1st June 2020. Set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will include new words for reading and spelling. 

New daily films:

• Read Red Words 1: for children who are reading Red, Green, Purple, Pink and Orange Read Write Inc. Storybooks. Many children are able to read these in Reception.

• Read and Hold a Sentence 1 (from 15th June): reading and writing practice for children reading Green, Purple, Pink and Orange Read Write Inc. Storybooks. (For children reading and writing with Set 1 sounds confidently and learning Set 2 sounds.)

See for information about Read and Hold a Sentence and Red Words. 

All films will be in separate categories on the YouTube channel.





Oxford Owl are providing FREE ebooks. You will need to register with an email address.!/ 

You also have some reading comprehension activites in your packs and I have put some in the 'Files to Download' at the bottom of this class page (When you download it 1 star is the easiest and 3 star is the hardest). If you require more reading comprehension activities please email me and I will send these to you. 


Please see in the 'Files to Download' the Education Library Service Newsletter, which includes details about the Summer Reading Challenge and they are also doing story time and craft activities on their Facebook and Twitter.



WALT: multiply


Answer the following multiplications in your exercise book. You could draw a picture (an array) to help you.


1) 9 X 3 =

2) 3 X 8 =

3) 7 X 5 =

4) 5 X 6 =

5) 4 X 4 =

6) 2 X 9 =

7) 6 X 2 =

8) 4 X 7 =

9) 8 X 10 =

10) 1 X 12 =




- I have put RMEasimaths logins in your packs so you can access this.

- You have also been provided with a maths workbook to work your way through at your own pace.

- You can also access additional home learning tasks here:



WALT: create similes


There is also a range of grammar and spelling games and activities to access using your Active Learn Primary login provided in your packs.



In your exercise book, practice writing your e, s, f. Make sure you are going in the right direction. Use these videos to help you.



Rule: air

Practice the following words.

air, fair, pair, hair, chair, repair, staircase


- You also have spellings to practice in your home packs.

- I have attached the list of year 2 tricky words that children need to be able spell and read by the end of year 2 to the 'Files to Download' section. They could practice spelling these in their exercise book.



WALT: understand what sources are.


How do we know what happened in the Great Fire of London? Write down your ideas in your exercise book.


- An eyewitness: this is someone who saw the events that happened such as Samuel Pepys created a diary that said what had happened and John Morgan gave a statement which says where the fire started.

- A source contans information such as a document, a letter or a diary. Historians use sources to understand events that have happened in the past and what life was like in the past.


In your exercise book write down which of these sources tell us what happened in the Great Fire of London. 


Other activities for the Great Fire of London topic:


Play this game to find out more about the Great Fire of London that happened in 1666.


Check out the Great Fire of London 1666 Minecraft Experience!!


See what Pudding Lane looked like in 1666:


The museum of London are doing free live interactive tours of their Great Fire of London exhibition on their facebook page:

Monday 6th July 2 - 2.30pm Part 1: How the fire began

Monday 13th July 2 - 2.30pm Part 2: How the fire was stopped

Monday 20th July 2 - 2.30pm Part 3: How the fire changed London



The author, Oliver Jeffers, is doing daily read alouds of his books. They can be found here:


Benji Davies, the author of Grandad's Island, is doing read alouds of his books. They can be found on his YouTube channel here:


Michael Rosen is sharing stories and poems on YouTube:


For all you Harry Potter fans, you can register to listen to readings of Harry Potter. 'Harry Potter at Home' also has puzzles, quizzes and craft ideas: utm_medium=tweet&utm_source=wwd&utm_campaign=hpah-video-chap1



I have put links to YouTube videos to help with this if you need them.


I would love to see your creations, projects and what you have been up to so if you wish to email me with photos or just let me know what you have been doing, I'll be excited to see them all and will try to include them in the school newsletter.

If you need any support with the work, extra resources or if you need any work from previous days, don't hestitate to email me. 


A message from our local police team:


Please remember School starts at 8.45 for Year 2 children, they are expected to be in the playground ready to enter for 8.45. Also please can I remind you that the playground equipment is out of bounds before and after school.


Please make sure P.E. kits are returned to school and that all items are clearly labelled with names! PE continues to takes place on Tuesday (Article 24).

Please make sure that reading books and reading records are in book bags and in school every day of the week (Article 28).


Milk and toast money must be sent into school on a Monday for the week.


  • Reading (at least 3 times a week). Please complete reading records, these will be checked as often as possible in school. Please make sure that these records and school books are looked after and kept in childrens book bags everyday.

  • RM Easimaths (at least 3 times a week)

  • Handwiritng/Spellings (These are sent out on a Monday to be completed every night Monday - Thursday and then returned to school on Friday). Children will complete spelling tests testing the words learnt for their homework. Children in year 2 need to be able to read and spell all words on the tricky word list, as well as the days of the week. If you require another copy of the tricky words list I have attached it below or you can contact me for a printed copy.  


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Mrs Edwards











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