Year 1 2019 - 2020

Miss Henshall

Welcome to Year 1's page!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, are feeling refreshed and are ready for the new year. 

If you wish to pass a quick/urgent message to me, a member of staff will be on the gate to assist you.


Our topics this term


MathsIn Year 1, we are building on the skills in Mathematics that your children learnt in Reception. We focus on three areas: Number, Measurement and Geometry. This term we will be focusing on adding and subtracting within 20, place value within 50 (including multiples of 2, 5 and 10), length, height, weight and volume. 

English – All our work in English will be linked to our book for this Spring Term 1 ‘Meerkat Mail’, followed by Goldilocks and the Three Bears in Spring 2.

Science – Our main topic in Science this term is animals including humans. We will also be continuing to observe the changes in seasons by observing and describing the weather and how the day length changes.

Geography – We will be looking at hot and cold areas across the world and exploring the question ‘Why can’t a meerkat live in the North Pole?

History – In History, we will be looking at ‘What has changed since your grandparents were young?’

PSHE – In Jigsaw, our topics this term are ‘Dreams and Goals’ and ‘Healthy Me’.

Computing – In computing, we are going to be painters and illustrate an eBook, as well as being collectors and finding images on the web.

DT – After half term, we will be designing and making a chair for Goldilocks.

Art – In Art, we will be exploring hot and cold colours which links to our topic on hot and cold places. We will also be exploring line and pattern.

Reading children in Year 1 are becoming independent readers and we want them to keep developing their reading skills, which are so essential.

Each child gets to select two reading books from within their colour band to take home; these are changed once a week so that the children have the opportunity to read each book lots of times. This re-reading builds confidence and fluency and is really important. Since September, we have been using Read, Write, Inc. to deliver Phonics and will be introducing the guided reading aspect of the scheme. As part of this scheme, the children will be bringing home additional books - ‘Book Bag Books’ - which correlates to the reading level they are at within Read Write Inc. Bring reading records and books on a Friday to be changed. Note that if ‘Book Bag Books’ are not returned on the Friday then new ‘Book Bag Books’ won’t be sent home.

It is also important for children to be able to predict what they think might happen at the end of the story and why they think that. We also encourage them to read other texts that interest them. From magazines to websites, leaflets to roadsigns - all reading is encouraged! In this case, more is, in fact, more!




An important aspect of our reading and writing learning in Year 1 is our phonics lessons.  We have recently started using Read, Write Inc to teach phonics and have a 30-minute lesson every day which includes both phonics and guided reading. In June, all Year 1 children across the country take a statutory 'Phonics Screening Check' to assess their attainment in phonics. The website 'Phonics Play' has some excellent games, many of which are free, that may help reinforce your child's learning. Please click on the logo below if you would like to visit the website.


P.E. Lessons year we will be having some specialist PE teachers from Sportscape to help us deliver the new PE curriculum to children across the school. This term P.E. lessons are on a Tuesday. The children absolutely love these lessons, so we ask that you please make sure they have a P.E. kit in school so that they can fully participate this consists of a white T shirt, black shorts, white socks and black pumps or trainers. We are keen to get the children outside for P.E. whenever the weather is suitable. So please will you ensure that you child has a tracksuit top and tracksuit bottoms to keep them warm whilst outside.


  • Reading (daily if possible).
  • Spellings (These are sent out on a Friday to be completed and to be returned every Friday). Children in year 1 also need to be able to read and spell all words on the tricky word list, as well as the days of the week.
  • RM Easi Maths (15 minutes every day) Logins are stapled inside their reading records.
  • Every fortnight the children will also be sent individual lists of words to read at home, which will help them practice for their phonics screening check.

Housekeeping Bulletins...

Milk: Milk money must be brought in a named envelope by children on Monday morning, if you wish them to have milk for that week during morning break times. The cost is 25p a day. Unless a child is absent, we are unfortunately unable to take money for milk after Monday. This is due to our ordering system.

Toast: As with milk money, toast money must be brought to school in a named envelope on Monday morning, due to our bread ordering system.  Toast costs 20p per week and our children have their toast on Thursday at morning break time.

Fruit and Vegetable Snacks: At morning break, Year 1 children are entitled to a free piece of fruit or vegetable every day and a selection is offered to them. Please remember that we are striving to be a healthy school and snacks sent in with children for playtime should be fruit or vegetables only. Bottles of drink must be plain, unflavoured water in a plastic bottle.

Useful videos

As seen in our class assembly and future assemblies, below are some videos we use to help the children remember facts.

Hartmann Count to 50 song -

Jack Hartmann Number Bonds to 10 song -

Jack Hartmann Counting in 2s song -

Jack Hartmann Counting in 5s song -

Jack Hartmann Counting in 10s song -




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