Reception 2019 - 2020

Mrs Calvert

Reception Class Home Learning - Week commencing 1.6.20

(Each week's Home Learning can be found in the 'files to download' section below)


Thank you to everyone who has been sending photographs to me I have chosen a some to go in our School Newsletter and I have put some more in ‘Reception: our gallery items’ at the bottom of our class page on the school website. Enjoy seeing your friends at home! Keep sending them in.



As you are aware Daven Primary School is a 'Rights Respecting School' and so far we have achieved our Silver Aware Award and are now working towards our Gold Award. Each week we will be focussing on an 'Article of the Week' and this week it is Article 28 which relates to ‘Access to Education’. Remember that this right is for all children all around the world.


‘You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can.’

In the ‘files to download’ on our class page there is an 'Article of the week - Article 28' file which contains a variety of activities that you can do together.


This term our topic is ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ and as you can imagine this means we will be exploring animals of all kinds.

We start by looking at ‘minibeasts’ many of which you will find in your garden! We will use the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle to get us started. If you have this book at home then read it together otherwise you can listen to the author read it by using the link below:


It is a great story to explore how a tiny caterpillar turns into a beautiful caterpillar. See if you can find any caterpillars in your garden!

Can you answer these questions? Q. Why did the caterpillar have a tummy ache? Q. How did the caterpillar get so fat? Q. How do you know it was night-time when the egg lay on the leaf?


Writing Tasks:

Monday – Read or watch the story then ask your child to retell the story in their own words using the time words ‘First, next, then, after that and finally’ to sequence the story. Simply turn the pages of the book as they think about what happened next. You could make some simple stick puppets of the egg, caterpillar, food and butterfly to use!

Tuesday – draw a caterpillar and then write some labels for different parts of his body e.g. head, legs, body, eyes (remember to listen for the sounds using your Fred fingers h-e-d, b-o-d-ee, l-e-g-z, igh-z

Wednesday – Can you make a list of the food the caterpillar ate? e.g. 1 apple, 2 pears, cake, sausage?

Thursday – Can you look at the food that the caterpillar ate and use some describing words e.g. 1 juicy apple, 2 crunchy pears, crumbly cake, spicy salami, red strawberries.

Friday Challenge – Can you write a sentence about your favourite part of the story? (e.g. The caterpillar ate an apple.)


Phonics – please note that the RWI daily online phonics has been updated and improved:


All films will be released at 9.30am from Monday to Friday. Each film is approximately ten to fifteen minutes long and will be available on YouTube for 24 hours.

Set 1, 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will restart on 1st June 2020. Set 2 and 3 Speed Sounds lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.

New daily films:

• Read Red Words 1: for children who are reading Red, Green, Purple, Pink and Orange Read Write Inc. Storybooks. Many children are able to read these in Reception.

• Read and Hold a Sentence 1 (from 15th June): reading and writing practice for children reading Green, Purple, Pink and Orange Read Write Inc. Storybooks. (For children reading and writing with Set 1 sounds confidently and learning Set 2 sounds.)

See for information about Read and Hold a Sentence and Red Words.

All films will be in separate categories on the YouTube channel.


Storytime with Nick (Mon, Wed, Fri) 2.00

Keep watching the live daily phonics sessions!  If you miss the times stated they are kept on the link for 24 hours. Join in together!   Get creative and make your own flashcards and put them around your house or garden to find and read. 



You can also access 'Phonics Play' for free using the following website link to practice daily your child's phonics in a fun and interactive way.


Simply select the sounds your child is learning (ch sh th ng qu ck ay ee igh ow (as in snow) oo ar or air ir ou oy) and have fun recognising them, blending them and reading sentences using them. You can also practice your child's tricky words e.g. I no go to the



Reading Task


  1. Please read at least 3 x per week  (e-books or physical reading books)


  1. Practise reading the tricky words tags at the back of your child’s Reading Record book. Get creative and write these words on your shed and shoot them with a water pistol, write them on the path in the garden and jump on the word you are looking for. Make it fun for both you and your child. Add more from the word list when your child is ready!


  1. Practise phonics for set 2 – 3 sounds. Practice daily online following the Ruth Miskin daily phonics sessions. If not simply use the phonics sheets in your Home Learning pack. Get creative and make your own flashcards and put them around your house or garden to find and read.



Maths Tasksthis term we are going to be using the ‘White Rose Maths’ videos to guide us through our Maths Learning. Each week the learning is based around a book.

For the week beginning 1.6.20 our story book is the ‘Snail and the Whale’ which is a familiar text to our class as we have read it on many occasions. If you have the book at home please read it or you can watch it using the link below.

You will find the daily White Rose maths tutorials by clicking on the link below and then select Summer Term - Week 6 (w/c 1.6.20). There are lessons for each day of the week and a ‘Days of the Week’ song to enjoy. Simply watch and pause when necessary in order to join in with the activities. If you don’t have the exact same resources at home then get creative and improvise!

This week it will focus on:

Day 1 – exploring spiral patterns and taking-away

Day 2 – exploring spiral patterns and addition

Day 3 – count the snail dangers!

Day 4 – odd and even numbers (Remember it is an even number if it can be equally shared between 2 groups)

Day 5 – explore higher and lower and silvery trails



Other Suggested Weekly Learning – Tasks Related to all areas of the EY Curriculum  MINIBEASTS 


Personal, Social, Emotional Development (PSED)


Changing Me

Can you draw around your body and then try to name the different parts? What does each part do? Why is it important?



Communication and language


Can you create your own story based on the hungry caterpillar? Instead of a caterpillar what other minibeast could it be e.g. the very hungry worm. What might it eat?


Physical Development


Can you play skittles? You can use empty bottles or plant pots (or anything else you may have



Enjoy another Eric Carle story about ‘The very quiet cricket’




Space Shape Measure – Find some string/ribbon and cut 4 different lengths. Imagine that each length of string is a wriggly caterpillar! Can you compare and order them from the shortest to the longest?



Understanding the World


The World – Enjoy a ‘Minibeast Hunt’ in your garden. Can you find an ant, a caterpillar, a worm, a bee, a butterfly, a woodlouse, a snail? Where did you find them?

Technology – What could I use?

What could I use to boil some water?

What could I use to make some toast?

What could I use to listen to some music?

What could I use to find out what time it is?

RE – Why do Christians go to Church?

Enjoy the story of ‘My special Place’ using this link

Do you have a special place? Why is it special to you?

Creative Arts and Design


Can you paint, print or make a butterfly?


Music – Enjoy singing down in the jungle (see link)

Sing and add some actions to your song!

Can you change the ‘animal’ to create new verses?



Join in with these songs to learn your tricky words then have a go at writing 5 of them in your book (or use magnetic letters)

If you know these words then try some harder ones!




Please complete any written or drawing tasks in your home learning book.



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