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Year 4

Thursday 19thJanuary

Hello year four.

This work should be on the website and also in an email to your parents…

Year four jobs (in whatever order you choose!):

  • Read your reading book or a book you have at home for at least 15 minutes. Draw a picture of a character in the book and label them with some great adjectives. I have put a book online for you called ‘The Phantom and the Fisherman’ which is set in Ancient Egypt if you would like to read that.
  • Play on TT Rockstarsand numbotsif you have a device.
  • Go on LEXIAfor fifteen minutes if you have a device.
  • Power maths lesson is on the PowerPoint. The workbook activities are on a word document and I have also sent a multiplication square to help you.
  • SPAG activity – noun phrases ↓
  •    There is also a worksheet.

All activities and Powerpoints are at the bottom of the class page in the documents section. 

See you tomorrow

Ms B xx





Welcome to the Spring term!

We will be studying Romans in history and Electricity in science. Today we looked at some of the appliances we felt are the most important whihc included the frisge and many many games consoles!

We would like to invite you to join our READING PARTY at 2.45pm on Tuesday 17th January where we will share a story and read together. Also, we are having another open morning lesson on Friday 27th January at 9am. It could be music or it could be art, we haven't decided yet but I hope to see you at one or both of these events.

Autumn term 2 has seen us enjoying art and drama and trying out new skills in cricket. We are studying RIVERS in geography and used modelling clay to make a model of the journey of a river!

IMG 0306IMG 0294 IMG 0296

IMG 0301 IMG 0304 IMG 0305 IMG 0297


Year four have worked really hard this half term on lots of different things.

We enjoyed our visit to Macclesfield Museum to learn more about Ancient Egypt.

Image[8] Image[9] Image[1] 

We have increased our flexibility by doing yoga and enjoyed two weeks where we swam every day.

We improved our knowledge of orchestral instruments and tried our hand at composing at Eaton Bank.

IMG 0174  IMG 0172  IMG 0171 IMG 0170 

Clonter Opera was a big highlight of the term and we are looking forward to particpating in SINGFEST with year 6 next year.

IMG 4002 IMG 4008  IMG 4019

Next term, we are learning about rivers, including the River Mersey. We will definitely be doing some singing for that one!

Ms Joanne Bromley


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Expanded noun phrases activity 19th Jan 2023 Download
Maths lesson 19th Jan 2023 Download
Maths worksheet 19th Jan 2023 Download
Multiplication square 19th Jan 2023 Download
Noun phrases word mat 19th Jan 2023 Download
The Phantom and the Fisherman 19th Jan 2023 Download