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Daven Primary 3



Let’s celebrate!

This half-term our topic will be ‘Let’s Celebrate’ and the children will have the opportunity to discover how and why a variety of celebrations take place within our families.

We begin with ‘Bonfire Night’ and the story of Guy Fawkes. The children will share the different ways it is celebrated in their own homes.

‘Remembrance Day’ is a day which is remembered with poppies. We will make our own poppies and discover why we wear them.

The celebration of ‘Diwali’ may be one the children are not so familiar with. However they will be able to discover why and how it is celebrated by some families and look for similarities and differences to their own celebrations.

All of our children enjoy celebrating birthdays and we will share our own experiences of how they are celebrated.

Last but not least we will begin to prepare for Christmas! They will enjoy the story of the very first Christmas and discover the different ways Christmas is celebrated in families.




When it is appropriate for your child a reading book will be sent home. In addition to the letter sounds there will now be some ‘tricky word’ tags as well. In order to support your child’s writing skills they will also have some simple spellings. We appreciate your support with their daily practice. Each time you practice please record your signature in the Reading Record Book. In the classroom we have a Reading Rainbow which the children can jump along. For every five signatures they will jump one colour and aim to reach the gold star at the top!


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