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This week's Home Learning is to be found at the bottom of this class page. Simply scroll down to find it!

Please join us for our daily Zoom learning sessions at 1p.m. A new link will be sent to you each day. Feel free to email me after a Zoom session if you have any queries. Please send me photographs of your child's learning!

  1. Each week a new set of lessons will be put onto our class page on the school website. Please download them and follow them for your child’s learning. 
  2. The lesson plans will tell you which activity pages to use from the Home Learning pack for each day. 
  3. In addition to the daily maths lessons your child can use the free online RMeasimaths to support their maths which you can access online

Your child’s login details are on their RMeasimaths login card stuck inside the front cover of your folder.

  1. The Ditty Sheets are intended to replace your child’s reading book. Should you wish to read free e-books at the appropriate level for your child then use the login card for and follow the instructions on the front of your folder.
  2. Don’t miss the daily online phonics sessions selecting the appropriate Set of lessons for your child which is written on the  inside cover of your folder. It will be either Set 1 or Set 2. If you have Youtube on your TV you can watch them on there simply search for 'Ruth Miskin Training' or click on the link below.

Set 1 lessons includes 3 short videos: Speed sounds, Word Time Reading and spellings

Set 2 lessons includes 2 short videos: Speed sounds and Spellings 


Home Learning Timetable - Monday 1st March

Monday 1st March




Focus – to understand positional and directional language

Either watch the video using this link

or follow the instructions below.


• What items are on the shelves? • What is the same about the pictures? Which item has not moved? • What is different about the pictures? Are there the same number of items? • Has the teddy moved up or down? Which item is missing?


Hide 5 toys around your house. Adult to give clues to model using positional language so that your child can find the toys (under, behind, on, in). For example, Is it under the table?


Participate in the online phonics anytime from 9.30 a.m. Details of which lesson your child should access is written on the inside cover of your Home learning pack.

Set 1 Lessons includes 3 short videos: speed sounds, word time reading, spellings

Set 2 Lessons include 2 short videos: speed sounds, spellings

If you have YOUTUBE on your TV then simply search for ‘Ruth Miskin Training’ and click on the Ruth Miskin symbol.

If you are unable to access the online phonics then complete the phonics activities in your Home Learning Pack. Each page is clearly dated.

Practice your letter sounds and tricky words at the back of your Reading Record Book

Set 1 – focus on ‘ck’ in your Home Learning Pack.

Set 2 – focus on ‘ar’ in your Home Learning Pack


READING - Ditty Sheet  (this is our daily reading task) found inside your Home Learning Pack. All children should try to read the letter sounds, then blend the words, read the tricky words. Then try to read the simple story at the end of the Ditty Sheet.


READING  and WRITING (Max’s Jungle Adventure)

Read the story and then draw what Max saw.


SPELLINGS – practice daily  (If you haven’t already done this give your child a spelling test and try some new words from the word list in your Home Learning pack, if needed)

Topic -


Fruit bowl


Set up your own bowl of fruit or use the photograph provided

Can you name the fruit? What colours are the fruit? What shapes can you see?

If possible, feel the fruit. Is it rough or smooth? Is it shiny or dull? What markings can you see?

Try to include all of these details in your drawing.

Record what you have found in your Home Learning Book either with pictures or words.


Reception Home Learning Date  
Reception Home Learning 1.3.21 27th Feb 2021 Download
Reception Home Learning 22.2.21 19th Feb 2021 Download
Internet Safety 2021 01st Feb 2021 Download