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Local Advisory Board

Governor Category Start of Term of office End of term of Office 

Committee Membership and 

Position of Responsibility 

Ms C Beard  Parent elected  01/07/2019  17/06/2022

Pay Committee 

Lead Governor for Priority on School Development Plan

Link Governor for English 

Mr I Lewis  Co-opted   01/07/2019  30/06/2022 


Pay Committee 

Lead Governor for Data and Link Governor for STEM 

Mr S Seddon  Staff appointed  01/07/2019  19/11/2021  
Mrs S Whitehead 

Staff – ex officio 

Head Teacher 

01/07/2019  N/A  
Mr D Whitewright  Co-opted  01/07/2019  30/06/2022  Pay Committee 

Lead Governor for Health and Safety 

Mr G Williams  Co-opted  01/07/2019  30/06/2022 


Lead Governor for Pupil Premium

Link Governor for Wider Curriculum 

Mrs S Wrench   Parent - elected 01/07/2019  11/10/2021  Lead Governor for Child Protection/Safeguarding inc PREVENT 
Ms L Collinge Co-opted 01/10/2019  30/09/2022  Link Governor for SMSC 


Governors who have resigned in the last 12 months 

Ms K Munro Co-opted 01/07/2019 30/06/2022 Lead Governor for SEND Staff at Church Lawton School