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We have been thinking about how we can try to keep the community feeling that we value so much at Daven while we are not open to all of our children.

We decided that we would hold virtual 'assemblies' through video links on this page. You can access them as soon as they go live or you can go back and watch previous ones you may have missed (the newest assemblies are added at the top of the list).

Each assembly includes a video from Mrs Whitehead or one of your teachers, and may also include one or more other video clips.


Assembly: World Maths Day - Wednesday 3rd March.


Assembly: World Book Day - Thursday 4th March

Assembly: British Science Week - Monday 8th March

Assembly: The Most Magnificent Thing

Persevering with something when things aren't quite going the way we want them to is a really important thing to do, but we need to make sure that we don't allow our emotions to stop us making correct choices of behaviour. In this story the little girl knows that she wants to build something magnificent but she nearly gives up trying. Having a break away from building by taking a walk with her assistant is all that it takes to help her see how to build her magnificent thing.


Assembly: My Monster and Me

Winner of The Great British Bake Off Nadiya Hussain shares a story about a monster who follows a young boy around everywhere he goes to explain how her anxiety stopped her doing things when she was a young girl. She shows that by sharing his worries and anxieties with somebody he trusts, the young boy helps make his monster smaller and more manageable.


Assembly: The Dot

Don't ever give up trying because you think you can't do something. If you keep trying you never know how far you may go. And always support other people when it looks like they are thinking of giving up. 


Assembly: The Beautiful Oops

For National Children's Mental Health Week we are looking at the theme this year which is 'Express Yourself'. Finding a creative way to express yourself can make you feel happy, but many people don't like to be creative in case they make a mistake. When you are being creative there is no such thing as getting it wrong!! This books shows you that mistakes can turn into something else that may be even better than what you had first imagined.


Assembly: Ruby's Worry

If you are feeling worried about something, it is always better to find somebody you can trust to share that worry with. Other people may not know that you are worried if you don't share your worries with them. And once you have shared your worry, it might not seem so huge.


Assembly: The Colour Monster

It is important that you can recognise the many different feelings that you, and other people around you, are experiencing. Any feeling is perfectly ok to have, but if you can recognise it, you may be able to change your behaviours slightly to make sure that once the feeling goes away, you aren't left with consequences from your actions to deal with.


Assembly: The Pig of Happiness

Spreading happiness around by doing small things to help other people feel happy can have a huge positive effect on yourself and on other people around you.