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Design and Technology



At Daven Primary School, we recognise that children are living in a highly developed technological society. They are constantly using and controlling a wide range of technology whether it be the use of a light-switch, calculator, computer system or photocopier. This is all part of their experience of life and one which they will use in the classroom. Design and Technology is about practical problem solving and using materials available to them to solve problems in a person-made environment. At primary school level, we can instil attitudes towards Design and Technology in which the children can realise that in technology there is never just one correct solution. The process of identifying a need, designing a solution, building an artefact and testing and evaluating it can be most satisfying to the child, particularly if it works and has some relevant function or application. 


Each topic is planned and delivered with clearly defined learning objectives which are shared with the pupils. Pupils’ work is photographed and samples collected, if appropriate. Teachers assess children’s work in Design and Technology by making assessments as they observe them working during lessons, allowing for different learning styles. Progress is recorded in the pupils’ individual STEM books and class floorbooks. Children are encouraged to make judgements on their own progress and achievements as well as ways in which their work can be improved. These assessments will then be used to judge pupils’ level of attainment and progress.  

Teachers will assess pupils at the school assessment points (three times a year) as well as at the end of the year as part of the pupil annual report to parents. Pupils will be reported as working ‘at age expectation’, ‘above age expectation’ or ‘below age expectation’ in relation to the National Curriculum.  

Year 6 Dyson Project

Year 6 loaned a Design Process Box from The James Dyson Foundation, which contained a Dyson Fan. The purpose of this was to get the children excited about engineering and bring creativity and inventiveness to the classroom.

This project enabled year 6 children to grips with the design process, introducing them to the reality of engineering in the classroom.

Leaders Award

In 2020, children in years 1 - 6 partipated in the Leaders Award, competing against 30,000 other children. 

The competition encourages pupils from primary and secondary schools across the UK to look at the world around them and find engineered solutions to common problems.

As part of the competition pupils interview engineering professionals, identify a problem and design a solution to it enabling them to be inspired by engineering professionals and ‘find the engineer they could be’ by designing the future of engineering.

Well done to Bobby Cartlidge and Megan Clowes whose entries were shortlisted!!

STEM Challenge

Subject Documents Date  
DT LTP with skills 08th Feb 2021 Download
Design and Technology Progression Map 08th Feb 2021 Download